Top 10 Gaming Pc Cool Play Big Game Without Pressure

Intel’s gaming pc latest platform is the Nine Generations, but currently only three new models are introduced, gaming pc namely i5-9600K, i7-9700 and i9-9900K. Although the gaming pc new listing is expensive at the price, after a period of adjustment, Will gradually replace the eight generations, the price is also going to cost-effective, I believe

We Have Carefully Selected These Game Keyboards For You

I believe that those who have already experienced the gaming keyboard are very uncomfortable when using the gaming keyboard. The gaming keyboard is very popular among players because of its superior feel and long service life, as well as full-key and no-punching technology. In the face of today’s mechanical keyboard market, it is not difficult

Get Rid Of The Wire Completely Wireless Headphones Recommended

What is the most popular Wireless Headphones this year? I am afraid most people will vote for all wireless Bluetooth headsets. That’s right of Wireless Headphones, this new type of Wireless Headphones has been madly sought after by the influx of people since the launch. We can see people wearing this avant-garde earphones on the

Do You Really Need An Computer Monitor As An Ordinary Gamer

The popularity of the computer monitor industry has driven the development of many related industries. Whether it is DIY computer monitor hardware, peripheral keyboards and mice, gaming headsets, game computer monitor, etc., because of the popularity of e-sports, it has become a hot spot for many players! In the field of display, today’s e-sports display