Do You Really Need An Computer Monitor As An Ordinary Gamer

The popularity of the computer monitor industry has driven the development of many related industries. Whether it is DIY computer monitor hardware, peripheral keyboards and mice, gaming headsets, game computer monitor, etc., because of the popularity of e-sports, it has become a hot spot for many players! In the field of display, today’s e-sports display is undoubtedly the field that every display manufacturer is eager to enter. The flagship display product launched does not have a relationship with e-sports. It feels that even if it is not its flagship product, But what I am talking about today is not how great the e-sports display is! How much better! But I want to talk about it from an objective level. Do we really need an e-sports monitor as an ordinary game player?

To talk about this problem, we must first know what kind of display can be called a qualified e-sports display product, in fact, this is a very good distinction!

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First of all, the e-sports display is a branch in the field of display, a more detailed classification. This classification was born out of the popularity of the e-sports industry. The concept of the e-sports display was first mentioned. It should be said that in 2012, because That year, the world’s first display with a 120Hz refresh rate was born, and since then the player has given it a professional term – e-sports display.

The XL2410T display was designed by BenQ at the time with two of the world’s top CS players, HeatoN and SpawN. It can be said that this 120Hz display pioneered the e-sports display. In the following time, the high refresh rate and fast response time have become an important standard for defining an e-sports display.

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Although many manufacturers of monitors are promoting their own e-sports display products, manufacturers are launching a product, which is of course to bring revenue to the company, increase the turnover of the company, and create more profits for the company. It’s about how sales go to the e-sports monitor!

In terms of price, the positioning of the e-sports display is much more expensive than the traditional public-use display, and the price range is above 2,000 yuan. As the saying goes, the first factor affecting consumers is the price. The display of two thousand yuan, for the average consumer, certainly will not be so easy to accept.

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Similarly, BenQ, who is the first to create an e-sports monitor, has a variety of e-sports display products available for purchase in Jingdong’s self-operated selection. For the latest e-sports displays from BenQ, the price is up to 2000. Above the yuan, and sales, it is not too optimistic, the number of comments is only 1,700.

The key point is that these 1,700 articles are still shared, that is, in addition to the third e-sports display, the buyer reviews of the other four e-sports displays are among the 1700. In fact, the average product is not To the comments of 450 articles, this is really a “small sorcerer” for the general display.

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As one of the most important e-commerce platforms in the world, Taobao has a certain reference value for its search volume ranking. On the Taobao rankings, the attention of e-sports displays can be seen from the rankings. Users search for electricity. The popularity of the competition display is not high. It can even be said that in the whole ranking, the keyword “e-sports display” does not appear. In the top 20 ranking, only the 144Hz display is searched with the e-sports display. The degree of attention is actually the same.

Directly input “display”, you can see that in fact, the search index of “display” is still quite high, from the search index in 2017 to the present, the average value also has a 1889, the performance is good.

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As seen from the demand map of the display spread out, the keyword eyes of the e-sports display did not appear, but the user searching for the “game display” was placed in the second ring, and it can be seen that when the user selects the display, There is still a certain degree of attention to the performance of the game.

A brief introduction to the current situation of the e-sports display, in fact, in general, the market for e-sports displays is still immature. On the one hand, display manufacturers are beginning to push their own e-sports display products, and on the other hand, as ordinary Consumer users seem to be not very hot for this type of display, but calm down to analyze, in fact, as an ordinary game player, do we really need an e-sports display?

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As an e-sports display, in fact, the biggest selling point is that it has a higher refresh rate than the traditional display (the traditional display refresh rate is generally 60Hz, some will go to 75Hz), and the most mainstream e-sports display refresh The rate is basically 144Hz, and some manufacturers’ products have gone to 165Hz, even 240Hz. Is it really useful to pursue a higher and higher refresh rate?

Or BenQ, the first E-sports monitor, its e-sports display can be said to be more famous in the e-sports world. Now its e-sports display has the highest refresh rate of 240Hz, which is the BenQ BenQ XL2540. The most important selling point of e-sports display products is the 240Hz refresh rate.

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But do you think that you really bought this 240Hz refresh rate and you can enjoy the 240Hz pleasure? Do not be silly! Children, the refresh rate of the monitor, in fact, is subject to the performance of the computer to a certain extent, if your graphics card does not have such a good performance to achieve a refresh rate of 240Hz, then it can be said that this 240Hz selling point is no bird for you. ! Can only say that you bought a noble e-sports display back, but did not get the enjoyment.

And it is worth mentioning that in fact, our human eye refresh rate has a limit value. Generally speaking, when we watch the 20~30fps picture, it is basically smooth, and when we look at the 30~60fps picture, it is already It is a smooth level. When it comes to the picture above 60fps, we have already felt that the picture is very smooth.

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Generally speaking, we watch movies and TV shows at 25~30 frames per second, and the current 144Hz of the e-sports display is completely beyond this range. As an ordinary game consumer, the 144Hz refresh rate will be How many times will it be used? I can tell you clearly that this advantage will only be slightly reflected in the fast-moving shooting game of the FPS class.

However, our ordinary players, not a professional player, do not seem to work like 8 hours a day, facing the monitor screen, facing an FPS game, every day and night, “biu~biu~biu~” In most cases, I believe that as an ordinary player, you will not play FPS games every day and night. (funny laugh)

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In fact, the high refresh rate is really good for playing FPS games, but if you play RTS-like “League of Legends”, “DOTA2” and the like, and watch TV series, watch movies and browse the web. You don’t feel any bonus at all!

In fact, the price of the 144Hz refresh rate e-sports display has been somewhat down. If you really like to play FPS games, and you can play for 1~2 hours a day, you can still consider starting one. Your computer configuration should be a little bit too strong, and as for the higher, it seems that BenQ’s 240Hz refresh rate! as far as I can tell! For the average player, it is simply a “shrimp smashing egg”, the rhythm of having money to buy!

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In fact, the response time is as important as the refresh rate. After all, if the display response time is long, it means that the reaction time left to the player is small, and the residual image on the screen will directly affect the player’s play laptops level, while some monitors with high dynamic contrast are playing. The contrast of the picture presented during the game is very large, and the brightness and darkness are too obvious. It is easy to cause visual fatigue such as sore eyes and tears. However, we still have a limit value for the human eye. For the average user, as long as the 8ms product can basically meet the requirements of daily applications, for the average game player, the 4~5ms product has a very good product. Experience, of course, the smaller the value, the better.

Similarly, the fast response time is also the advantage of e-sports display. Generally, the response time of our current traditional LED display can be achieved between 4~5ms, and the response time of many e-sports displays can be reached. 1ms, not only BenQ, HKC and AOC have 1ms display products

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In fact, here we need to popularize, the response time is usually in milliseconds, which refers to the response speed of the liquid crystal display to the input signal, that is, the time when the liquid crystal particles turn from dark to bright or from bright to dark, which is the “rise time”. And the “down time” two parts, and the response time usually mentioned is the sum of the two.

In fact, the response time is as important as the refresh rate. After all, if the display response time is long, it means that the reaction time left to the player is small, and the residual image on the screen will directly affect the player’s play level, while some monitors with high dynamic contrast are playing. The contrast of the picture presented during the game is very large, and the brightness and darkness are too obvious. It is easy to cause visual fatigue such as sore eyes and tears. However, we still have a limit value for the human eye. Experience, of course, the smaller the value, the better.

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A look It is a special player for a contestant.However, for professional players, the 1ms response is their must. Or buy a bigger SSD, isn’t it better than buying one? (The author is laughing…)

There is no doubt that the 144Hz+1ms+ curved screen is the mainstream configuration of the current e-sports display. In the future, a higher e-sports display will definitely appear. As for consumers to buy or not, it is a follow-up. Behind the seemingly powerful e-sports display, in fact, some “catty” still exist.

The BenQ XL2411 gaming display mentioned above is a TN panel. It will be inferior. Of course, there are products that use TN panels in e-sports displays. The area also reaches 100% sRGB color gamut, but it will be more expensive in price.

The esports display is still more suitable for professional players and local tyrants unless it is cheaper.

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