Top 10 Gaming Pc Cool Play Big Game Without Pressure

Intel’s gaming pc latest platform is the Nine Generations, but currently only three new models are introduced, gaming pc namely i5-9600K, i7-9700 and i9-9900K. Although the gaming pc new listing is expensive at the price, after a period of adjustment, Will gradually replace the eight generations, the price is also going to cost-effective, I believe that this year began to be universal. Recently, some netizens consulted the installation home Xiaobian, want a set of intel nine-generation new platform computer configuration program, usually mainly play large games, the graphics card wants to be higher, the memory is 16G, the host can get it.

For the netizen’s budget, the installed home recommended a set of intel nine generation i5-9600K with RTX2070 game console configuration recommended, intel new platform, equipped with 16G large memory, 256G NVMe M.2 solid state.

1.CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8100A Gaming PC

The i5-9600K is the new ninth-generation mid-range processor from Intel. We can see it as an upgraded version of the i5-8600K. The performance is basically the same as that of the i7-7700K, and the brazing process design is added to get better heat dissipation. Experience, PS: are forced by AMD Ruilong.

Intel Core i5-9600K is still the Coffee Lake architecture, so it still uses the LGA1151 interface type, fully supports the 300 series motherboard, the best match with the new Z390 motherboard, to meet the overclocking needs. The i5-9600K clocked at 3.7GHz and the core frequency is up to 4.6GHz. The single-core performance is improved compared to the previous generation i5-8600K, so the number of game frames will also be improved.

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2.SkyTech Omega Mini Gaming Computer Desktop 

It has native 6-core 6-threads and no frequency lock. Designed with 9MB L3 cache, built-in UHD630 core graphics, TDP thermal power design is only 95W.

The i5-9600K is best suited for the new Z390 motherboard. Of course, the Z370 can also be supported, but it needs to be updated with the latest BIOS. In order to consider the cost performance, here is the recommended AQA Z390 Pro4 motherboard, which belongs to the second-line brand. Compared with many brands, this Z390 motherboard is very conscience and affordable.

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3.Microtel Computer AMTI9098 Liquid Cooling

In terms of graphics cards, the current new graphics card is a 20-series, and is currently replacing the 10 series. The RTX 2070 8G graphics card is used in the configuration. Although it is a replacement for the previous generation GTX1070, its performance is between GTX1070Ti and GTX1080. The product is comparable to GTX1080.

Colorful iGame RTX 2070 8G Ultra OC graphics card is a graphics card based on RTX2070 chip, in many brands, compared to the brand is much cheaper, cost-effective. In terms of parameters, based on the advanced 12nm production process, the GPU core code is TU-106-400-A1, with 2304 stream processors, 8GB GDDR6 memory, Boost frequency up to 1620MHz, one-button overclocking to 1710Mhz, much higher than The base frequency of the public version of 1410MHz.

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4.iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Desktop Trace 9220

Memory, we chose two GALAXY GAMER 8G DDR4 2400 light strips, the main game memory, 2 memory set up a dual channel 16G large memory. On the hard disk side, we chose Intel 760P series 256G NVMe M.2 solid state drive, first-line brand, 64-layer Intel 3D NAND technology, maximum continuous read speed 3.2GB/s, continuous write speed 1.7GB/s, random read and write IOPS Up to 370,000 and 300,000.

Compared with the previous generation 600P, it is equivalent to achieving twice the performance with half the power consumption, which is worth buying. If the storage requirements are high, you can add a mechanical hard disk to ensure sufficient storage needs.

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5.Premium Lenovo IdeaCentre 720 Business Desktop 

Chasing Wind 416P chassis is a lot of gamers are keen on, but the choice of the chassis, mainly the appearance, like it, and the most important is the power that is often overlooked, the power supply determines the quality of a computer host Stability, I believe that no one wants to use the power supply during the process of use, even within the scope of the warranty, it also delays the use of the computer.

In terms of power supply, we chose Antec, an internationally renowned brand. The model used in the configuration is Antec BP600P power supply. The real standard of solid tile is 600W, no virtual standard. The BP series has a reputation in the industry. Well, the active PFC design reduces conversion losses, effectively increases power utilization while supporting wide voltage inputs.

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6.HP Z600 2 X Quad Xeon upto 3.33GHz

In terms of expansion, the Antec BP600P provides us with up to 6 SATA power supply interfaces, which is convenient for users to add hard drives and optical drives, while the gaming keyboards graphics card PCI-E auxiliary power supply interface is upgraded to 4 6+2Pin, supporting up to 300W power consumption. The high-end graphics card is more than enough for scalability. In addition, Antec also provides us with a three-year full free warranty, and guarantees that only the replacement service is not repaired. If you have purchased a machine or replaced the power supply, you may wish to consider the Antec power supply.

The RTX20 graphics card is still in the pre-sale, and the major hardware sites have already got the real card for evaluation. The RTX20 graphics card gives us a better performance and picture quality experience, with GDDR6 new graphics memory and ray tracing technology.

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7.CUK Mantis Custom Gaming PC

The following is for the RTX2080 graphics card, recommend a set of eight generations of i7-8700K with RTX2080 high-performance DIY computer configuration recommended, hardware selection biased fever, belonging to a high-performance all-round computer, the specific computer configuration scheme is as follows.

The price of recent intel processors has skyrocketed, and the price of boxed and bulk CPUs is similar. If you are equipped with an intel platform, it is recommended to use a three-year warranty boxed CPU. The i7-8700K is an intel flagship product with very strong performance and a 40% improvement in overall performance compared to the previous generation i7 7700K.

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8.Dell Alienware Aurora Gaming PC Desktop

CPU specifications, based on coffee lake architecture design, native six-core twelve threads, basic frequency 3.7GHz, acceleration frequency 4.3GHz, single-core acceleration frequency 4.7GHz, built-in UHD630 core graphics.

Since the CPU is a flagship product that supports overclocking, the best match is the Z370 motherboard that supports overclocking. Z370 motherboard we use the first-line brand ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING game board, ATX version design, using 8 + 2 phase digital power supply design, it can be said that this motherboard work materials are very luxurious, for high-end players It’s quite attractive, with a rich interface and four DDR4 DIMM memory slots.

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9.CPU Solutions Intel i7 Quad Core PC

It offers three PCI-E X16 graphics slots with full-speed M.2 interface.At present, the RTX20 series graphics card is coming. The biggest feature of our computer configuration is the latest RTX20 series graphics card, which is a first-line brand ASUS DUAL-GeForce RTX2080-O8G graphics card, which is currently in the pre-sale period.

After one week, the goods will be fully distributed. ASUS DUAL-GeForce RTX2080-O8G graphics card, the capacity is consistent with GTX1080, non-public version design, the biggest feature is equipped with GDDR6 new memory, and added ray tracing technology.

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10.Acer Aspire Gaming Desktop, AMD Ryzen 7

In terms of memory, we chose the Zhiqi illusion series DDR4 3200 frequency 16G (8Gx2 root) memory set, which is currently the favorite high-end series RGB memory, set up 8G*2 (16G) dual channel memory, c16 timing, if Do not care more than a few hundred dollars, you can choose C14 timing, lower latency.

On the hard disk side, for high-end enthusiasts, a high-speed M.2 NVME protocol solid state drive is indispensable. The Samsung 970 EVO 250G NVMe M.2 solid state + Seagate cool fish series 2TB 7200 rpm 256M SATA3 mechanical dual hard disk solution, both high speed and large capacity storage.

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11.Centaurus Paladin Gaming Computer – AMD

In order to highlight the stronger performance, the enthusiasts will choose the overclocking platform to get the highest performance improvement, and the current eight-generation i7-8700K is currently the hot-selling high-end flagship processor supporting overclocking. Not much to say, today’s installed home Xiaobian to recommend a set of eight million i7-8700K/GTX1080Ti high-performance installed configuration recommended, is a high-performance all-round platform, the specific computer configuration table is as follows.

CPU, this set of installed installation Xiaobian recommended is a flagship processor i7-8700K, this processor is currently very powerful processor, single core clocked at 3.7GHz, full core Turbo 4.3GHz, the third-level cache is 12MB, and the performance is very good.

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12.XOTIC PC Elite AMD + Nvidia Gaming Computer

In the home class, this processor is currently a very high performance in Intel’s eighth-generation Core processor, and the overall performance is about 40% higher than the previous generation i7 7700K. In terms of specifications, this processor belongs to the original six-core twelve-thread architecture, with a base frequency of 3.7GHz, an acceleration frequency of 4.3GHz, a single-core acceleration frequency of 4.7GHz, and a built-in UHD630 core graphics card. By default, it supports up to DDR4-2666 frequency dual-channel memory. The TDP thermal design power is 95W, which is a high-end CPU with excellent performance.

The motherboard we chose is the first-line brand MSI Z370 TOMAHAWK. Since the CPU is a flagship processor that supports overclocking, the best match is the Z370 motherboard. This motherboard is very luxurious in its workmanship.

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13.Adamant Custom Full Tower Video Editing

It uses a multi-safe design system to provide a stable operating environment for the overclocked CPU and release more performance. In addition, the Intel professional-grade network card is also equipped with excellent network transmission and data conversion capabilities. It is a product with excellent performance.


Since our processor chooses the flagship i7-8700K, for game enthusiasts, the choice of graphics card is also crucial, so the GTX1080Ti is selected in the configuration of the installed home, positioning the flagship graphics card.

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14.Custom Built Budget Gaming Desktop 6 Core

The Sotec GTX 1080Ti Extreme PLUS OC uses a 16-nanometer FinFET-based GP102 core with 3,584 stream processors and a core frequency of 1544-1657MHz, which is about 5% over the public version. 7+2 phase power supply design, 8+6 PIN external power interface, retaining a large overclocking space. In the memory, 11GD5X large memory capacity, 352bit memory bandwidth, 502GB / S memory bandwidth. Powerful performance allows players to easily play games.

In terms of memory, we chose the Kingston hacker Predator series DDR4 3000 16G memory, cost-effective DDR4 memory, lower power consumption, greatly improved transmission speed, clock speed up to 3000MHz, large-scale game running smoothly, bringing a speed-speed experience .

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15.Centaurus Warlock GT – AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

On the hard disk side, we recommend the SSD as the preferred one. For users with large-capacity storage requirements, a mechanical hard disk can add  later. The configuration of the installed computer house is based on the Pu Kete M8VC 256G SATA3 solid state drive, Pu Kete M8VC 256G SATA3 raw materials have the original factory formal label.

After layer testing to  sale to consumers, quality guarante. In addition, the selection of original 3D NAND particles, firmware optimization, and master adjustment, durability is higher than the average TLC particles.

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16.MAINGEAR Vybe – Intel i9 12-Core 7920X

GTX1080Ti is a flagship graphics card that meets the needs of most high-end DIY players. It can say to kill all the large 3D games on the market. As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, and with the flagship graphics card such as GTX1080Ti naturally other hardware will not be low.

AMD’s second-generation Ruilong R7 2700X  use to replace the previous generation R7 1700X. It is still based on AM4 interface design and 8-core 16-thread design. Compared with the previous generation, the performance and process improve. The basic frequency is 3.7GHz and the acceleration frequency is 4.3GHz. Supports up to dual channel DDR4-2933MHz frequency memory.

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17.ASUS ROG Strix GL12CM Premium Gaming Tower 

Because the CPU supports the complete XFR overclocking, the motherboard uses the X370 motherboard to meet the full XFR overclocking. The hard disk uses 250G M.2 NVMe protocol solid state + 2T mechanical hard disk, 16G large memory, and the graphics card  match with the flagship GTX1080Ti.

The i7-8700K is an eight-generation Core i7 series unlocking processor launched by Intel. It is a flagship product, 6 core 12 thread design, mainly used to replace the previous generation i7-7700K, and the overall performance has increased by 40%. The configuration equip with 16G large memory, 250G NVMe solid state + 2TB mechanical dual hard disk solution, with GTX1080Ti alone.

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18.Alienware AWAUR6 Premium High Performance

Intel officially released the Core i7-8086K, which specially release to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the x86 microprocessor architecture. It mainly because on June 8, 1978, 40 years ago, intel release the important 8086. The processor marks the birth of the x86 microarchitecture.

For the i7-8086K this processor, the installed home recommende a set of i7-8086K with GTX1080Ti high-end enthusiast computer configuration recommended.

there are believers install users may wish to refer to.On the processor side.

The global limited edition is 50,000, the original six-core twelve-thread.

the default frequency is 4GHz, Rui Frequency dynamic acceleration 5GHz, built-in UHD630 core display.

no frequency-locking design, but also overclocking to play the maximum performance experience of this processor.

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19.HP Elite 8300 SFF Small Form Factor Business Desktop Computer

Since this processor supports overclocking, it best suite for high-profile Z370 motherboards. The ASUS high-end ROG Raptor series use in the configuration. ASUS ROG Strix Z370H-Gaming motherboard supports overclocking, high-end specifications and reliable quality.

RGB three-color LOGO load indicator, graphics card with 352-bit and 11GB GDDR5X memory.

super cost-effective, to meet all the market Large game needs.

XMP 2.0 support barrier-free Automatic overclocking, designed for high performance overclocking.

continuous read and write performance up to 3200MB / s and 1900MB / s.

4K random read and write performance respectively 380K IOPS and 360K IOPS. The disk uses the conventional 2280 M.2 specification, PCIe Gen.3 x4 channel, and supports the NVMe protocol.

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20.Dell Desktop 790 SFF Core i3-2100 3.10GHz 4GB 250GB HDD DVD Win 10 Home

i9-7900X  a top-level fever processor introduce by Intel last year. It is based on 14nm process technology, native ten-core and twenty-thread design. The default frequency is 3.3GHz, the maximum core frequency is 4.3GHz, and it supports overclocking. The performance is very strong and suitable for the majority.

i9-7900X  a top-level fever processor introduce by Intel last year. It is based on 14nm process technology, native ten-core and twenty-thread design. The default frequency is 3.3GHz, the maximum core frequency is 4.3GHz, and it supports overclocking. The performance is very strong and suitable for the majority.

Enthusiasts set up enthusiast computers, professional design, video rendering and other complex scenes.

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21.Lenovo ThinkCentre M58 Business Desktop Computer

The ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 high-end motherboard  recommend by the ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 high-end motherboard.

In terms of graphics card, as a set of fever game consoles, graphics cards are undoubtedly the top priority. It recommend to choose GTX1080Ti for optimal balance between CPU and CPU.

this card uses non-public 8+2 enhanced power supply design.

with dragon-shaped aluminum alloy reinforced backplane + zero-noise intelligent fan Cooling technology.

taking into account the powerful performance and heat dissipation.

but also equipped with cool RGB Dragon Spirit lamp fever belief blessing.

MSI GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X graphics card equip with 16nm process technology code GP102-350-K1-A1 core.

the number of stream processors is 3584.

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22.Acer AXC-704G-UW61 Desktop PC Celeron 1.60GHz CPU 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Windows 10 

the core frequency is 1480/1683MHz.

the graphics card uses 11GB of memory capacity.

memory specification GDDR5X.

memory bandwidth It is 352bit and the memory frequency is up to 11124MHz.

In terms of memory, the ASUS X299 MARK 2 motherboard equip with 8 memory slots.

up to 128GB DDR4 high-frequency memory.

the recommended installation of the home is the Chichi illusion DDR4 3200 16G (8G*2) package to set up dual-channel memory.

3200 high frequency, timing is 16-18-18-38, voltage is 1.35V.

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23.Basic 10 Core Gaming Pc Custom Built Led Lights

RGB light strip gives you a radiant experience.

if the memory is not enough, you can increase it as needed.

Hard disk, for the top computer host, both speed and large capacity is necessary.

so the hard disk matching recommend to consider solid state + mechanical dual hard disk.

the speed of the solution.while the 2TB Seagate Barracuda Machinery mainly use for storage expansion.

but also takes into account the large-capacity storage needs.

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