We Have Carefully Selected These Game Keyboards For You

I believe that those who have already experienced the gaming keyboard are very uncomfortable when using the gaming keyboard. The gaming keyboard is very popular among players because of its superior feel and long service life, as well as full-key and no-punching technology. In the face of today’s mechanical keyboard market, it is not difficult to buy a cost-effective mechanical keyboard that suits you.

So what gaming keyboard is better? This is related to the topic of how to choose a mechanical keyboard. Choosing a mechanical keyboard depends first on its shaft. Generally, the Cherry MX original shaft feels more classic. Of course, if you are looking for a price/performance ratio, you can choose a domestic shaft. These two shafts have the same principle and are mechanical switches. The difference in feel is mainly due to the precision of the process. After selecting the shaft body, we have to look at the keycap of the keyboard. The good keycap must be a comfortable keycap. Don’t try a metamorphic, invisible keycap, such as a retro typewriter keycap for a steam keyboard. Finally, look at the overall material of the keyboard, overall performance and so on.

1.ASUS ROG Strix Flare (Cherry MX Red) Aura Sync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Having said that, I believe players will choose a mechanical keyboard. If the friends still don’t know how to buy those keyboards, then below, we will introduce you to several popular mechanical keyboard products, hoping to give you some help.

The ikbc F-108 Time Machine Keyboard is a 104-key + 4-key backlit mechanical keyboard. This mechanical keyboard features a full-body white design and is aesthetically pleasing. The keyboard is named as a time machine. The 60 keys in the main keyboard area represent 60 seconds. The time mode lights up one button per second. The countdown mode extinguishes one button per second, giving a feeling of smoothness at the fingertips. Time Magic makes every minute of running, it will light up in F1~F12, taking 12 hours a day.

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2.ROCCAT Vulcan 80 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

The keyboard uses the German original cherry axis, and the keyboard feel is guaranteed. The key cap adopts a double-sided transparent keycap, which is wear-resistant and has high transparency. The keyboard has nine lighting effects, allowing players to meet the thrill of switching; its base has three wire slots to meet the line in all directions, curious friends can feel it.

Ikbc F-108 Time Machine Mechanical Keyboard is a 108-key backlit mechanical keyboard. The original cherry shaft is its biggest feature. The target consumer group of this keyboard is the majority of high-end gamers, and the favorite friends can click to enter Jingdong Mall to view.

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3.Docooler Gaming Keyboard USB Wired 12 RGB

The Pennefather V700S alloy version of the mixed-light keyboard is a 104+4-key black-axis mechanical keyboard that uses a 104-key full-key, no-punch design. The keyboard uses a USB interface, and the keyboard body is made of a skin-like matte aluminum alloy with a “VPRO” logo on the surface, showing a high-standard manufacturing process. The suspension key cap design makes the keyboard easy to clean, and the ABS material double-color injection keycap is not easy to fade and wear.

The keyboard is available in black and white for easy player selection. The Pennefather V700S alloy version of the keyboard uses a mixed-color backlight system that can support up to 19 lighting modes to make the keyboard playful. This keyboard adopts the Leibai autonomous shaft body and has a single-axis click life of 60 million times.

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4.Logitech G512 Carbon RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Pennefather gaming mouse alloy version of the mechanical keyboard keyboard with onboard memory can be used to program any of the 104 keys except the four function keys. The inherent operation mode of the keyboard is broken, providing convenience for gamers and daily office workers. The keyboard features a splash-proof design with four hydrophobic holes on the back of the keyboard. Even in the event of accidental spills, the liquid can naturally flow out without damaging the keyboard components. This keyboard is also equipped with the Windows lock button function.

The Pennefather V700S alloy version of the mechanical keyboard is a powerful, well-made black axis mechanical keyboard. Not only does he match the cool backlight, but he also compensates for the drawbacks of mechanical keyboards that are not waterproof. Favorite friends can click to enter Jingdong Mall to view.

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5.CORSAIR K70 RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The American pirate ship K70 LUX RGB keyboard is a hard-core esports keyboard with a magical backlight. The keyboard has a 104-key design and uses the original red shaft of the cherry. The surface of the keyboard is designed with aerospace-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame, which makes it feel smooth and not easy to leave fingerprints. He also distributed a hand pallet with the keyboard, even if he was typing or playing games for a long time, he would not feel tired.

The keyboard features the cherry MX RGB red axis, which features smooth, two-stage button feedback for smooth double-click and triple-click operations for everyday typing and gaming needs. This mechanical keyboard supports full-key conflict-free technology to meet the needs of the majority of gamers. The keyboard is also equipped with a powerful RGB illusion backlight system that can be adjusted via the CUE engine.

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6.VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The American pirate ship K70 LUX RGB keyboard is a 104-key full-size esport special mechanical keyboard. The biggest selling point of this keyboard is that it uses the original red shaft of Cherry, which has long service life and good hand feeling. The target consumer group of this keyboard is the majority of e-sports enthusiasts and gamers.

Red Fire Bull Ghost Hand Prism KR700XPLI mechanical keyboard is a 104-key mechanical keyboard equipped with Cherry MX original shaft. With the excellent workmanship of the Cherry axis, not only the hand feel is excellent, but also the key life can reach more than 50 million times, which can provide players with a more durable and comfortable gaming experience.

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7.UNIhappy New K2 Single Hand 7 Color Backlight

In the design of the fuselage, the red AC adapter KR700XPLI mechanical keyboard adopts the suspension key cap design and the aluminum alloy brushed panel, which is superior in easy cleaning and waterproof performance. And the floating body keyboard that makes the Cherry MX original shaft is very rare. In the internal configuration, the keyboard adopts a full-key no-punch design, which can achieve a response time of 1ms, which makes the skill triggering in the game more rapid and agile, and the game experience is smoother.

The keyboard is also equipped with a 16.6 million-color bright backlight mode, and can be switched by the Fn button, allowing players to enjoy the beautiful visual pleasure. The keyboard is equipped with a powerful driver that can edit the software, regulate the backlight, and experience combo, quick-click, two-button, three-button, one-button and more. The game is a step faster.

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8.MSI Cherry MX Red Dedicated Hotkeys USB

Red Fire Bull Ghost Hand Prism KR700XPLI mechanical keyboard is a 104-key enthusiast mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX original axis. Whether it is from the design or internal technology, the keyboard is literally an e-sports and gaming keyboard. It not only has 16.6 million color bright backlights, but also supports backlight customization, especially the delivery hand tray and its own USB interface, making this keyboard more user-friendly. The keyboard has excellent game performance, and the favorite friends can click to enter Jingdong Mall to view.

Fuller ninth G900S keyboard is a hardcore gaming game keyboard. The mechanical keyboard adopts the 104-key standard design, and the upper cover surface is designed with high-standard standard MT11005 sun-dried process, which has a skin-like and delicate texture.

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9.Redragon K582 SURARA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The four sides are treated with high-gloss, and the V-shaped classic design on both sides guides the road to victory, and the e-sports sense. The keyboard also features an absorbent hand rest that is textured. The key cap adopts PBT double-layer injection molding design, and the button is wear-resistant, and it is not used for a long time.

The keyboard uses the original cherry axis, and has a 104-key full-key no-rush design, which better meets the needs of gamers. The key cap adopts an ergonomic layout, and the stepped key cap design makes the button have a curvature and fits the finger, making the game button easier and more comfortable.

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10.HyperX Alloy FPS RGB – Mechanical Gaming

The keyboard is designed with a USB interface and the interface is gold-plated for improved oxidation resistance and transmission performance. The keyboard has 10 backlight modes that can be switched freely according to player preferences.

Fuller ninth series G900S mechanical keyboard is a game-specific mechanical keyboard. This mechanical keyboard uses the cherry original shaft to make it the biggest selling point. The PBT keycap highlights its high specification. The target consumer group of this mechanical keyboard is the majority of game enthusiasts, and the favorite friends can click to enter Jingdong Mall to view.

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11.lloet T9 Plus Single Hand USB Wired RGB

Razer Black Widow Spider Symphony Edition v2 Yellow Axis Keyboard is a 109-key esport special mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard features a pure black surface and the classic Razer logo is located in the middle of the front of the keyboard. The keyboard has an ultra-fast polling rate of 1000Hz and a 10-button no-rush design, which is convenient for gamers.

The keyboard features a Razer mechanical shaft that has a life of 80 million strokes. This mechanical keyboard is available in three shafts: green, orange and yellow. This mechanical keyboard  equip with a hand rest for the needs of long-time typing and gaming partners. The wrist rest make of protein leather, which is delicate and soft to the touch. The interior fill with flexible material, which can disperse the pressure and improve comfort. The magnetically absorbing design makes the wrist rest easy to remove.

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12.Razer BlackWidow Ultimate: Esports Gaming Keyboard

Razer Black Widow Spider Symphony Edition v2 Yellow Axis Mechanical Keyboard is a special mechanical keyboard for esports. Its biggest selling point is that it uses the Razer yellow shaft shaft body, with a hit rate of up to 80 million times. The target consumer group of this mechanical keyboard is the vast number of e-sports players and high-end game enthusiasts. If you have a favorite partner, you can click to enter Jingdong Mall to view.

As one of the famous mouse and keyboard brands in China, Dahl has recently launched a semi-high-axis dual-mode mechanical keyboard that shocks the industry – the Darwin EK820 dual-mode mechanical keyboard (68-key). This mechanical keyboard not only uses a wireless, Bluetooth dual-mode design, but also uses a semi-high shaft.

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13.Koolertron One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard

This half-high shaft body not only ensures the touch of the mechanical keyboard, but also has the comfort of a traditional notebook keyboard. It can describ as a unique and ingenious, the best of both worlds.

The Darwin EK820 dual-mode mechanical keyboard (68-key) is a mechanical keyboard with a slim and wireless office. The keyboard is black in color, adopts all-metal suspension design, bright surface trimming process, and with the new R1~R4 high-thin ergonomic keycap. The overall shape is stable and fashionable. It is comfortable to operate and easy to clean. The new favorite of work and entertainment.

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14.iKBC CD108 Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry 

This keyboard not only has a built-in lithium battery, it can charge for 3 hours and lasts for 40 hours. The battery life is very outstanding. And under each button on the keyboard, there is a cool blue backlight. The keycap of the keyboard make in a two-color injection molding process, making the color-looking backlight look particularly pure. This mechanical keyboard is available in both Bluetooth and wired modes, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS platforms, as well as Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It also supports five different sets of devices to switch freely, which is very practical.

Daeryou EK820 dual-mode mechanical keyboard (68-key) is a wireless mechanical keyboard with excellent touch. The main purpose of this keyboard is the large number of office workers, compact body, ultra-thin touch, plus Android phone. The same micro-USB cable is ideal for long-term business travelers. At present, this keyboard is available in major e-commerce channels, and the favorite partners can go to buy.

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15.Redragon K580 VATA RGB LED Backlit

The domestic mechanical keyboard shaft switch has sprung up, making the retail price of the mechanical keyboard all the way down, the diversified feel and the rich playability, so that the mechanical keyboard condenses the super high attention, when these two factors come together, the mechanical keyboard Naturally became a star product in the peripheral circle. Numerous players have learned the mechanical keyboard through the game commentary, IT media, shopping websites, search engines, etc., and can’t wait to start to experience its unique charm.

In this era of information flooding, players want to understand the product seems to be easy, just enter keywords in the search engine (such as “how to choose mechanical keyboard”, “mechanical keyboard is good”, etc.) and then press the Enter key, search The engine will retrieve a large amount of relevant information for you to read.

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16.TECWARE Phantom 104 Mechanical Keyboard

However, search engines only search for keywords (the effect of “bidding ranking” not consider here). As for internal information, the search engine does not identify it. In order to attract the amount of browsing and attention, many mechanical keyboard consumption guides and shopping guide articles have begun to flood the network. The true and false fakes not recogniz by many new players. Blindly and faintly, it is easy to train players. .

I recently saw an article on FB “The pursuit of perfect typing?” Mechanical keyboard selection 4 tips, short articles in the article constantly, it is easy to induce players, let us take a look at this article to see if the author made those mistakes. The first sentence of the article reads, “For a gamer or a word worker who is pursuing hardware configuration, a mechanical keyboard should be one of the must-have equipments.” Is this really the case?

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17.AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard Blue Switch

In fact, before the launch of the 6G mechanical keyboard in 2005, professional players and gamers used the membrane keyboard to play games. During the period, a large number of classics such as Microsoft Multimedia, Razer Wolf, DELL 8135, Samsung DT35, etc. were born. The keyboard is still popular for players until today.

Even after the launch of the 6G mechanical keyboard in 2005, due to the high price, the membrane keyboard still occupied the mainstream position of the game peripheral market. Until the rise of the domestic mechanical keyboard shaft switch in 2014, the mechanical keyboard began to enter the public vision from the niche circle and achieved its status.

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18.ET Robot RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 16.8 

Therefore, the mechanical keyboard is not necessarily a must-have for gamers, especially for students with limited financial ability, a good workmanship, a membrane keyboard with excellent feel can help you win, and it is not good for people.

For text workers (such as programmers, editors, and journalists) who need a lot of text input every day, the long life of the mechanical keyboard does have a certain advantage. But for players who are eager to use the experience and operational efficiency, it is not the best choice. For example, the HHKB static capacitance keyboard, known as the “Codengong artifact”,highly recogniz by programmers for its small size and comfortable hand.

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19.PICTEK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- 104 Keys 

If the user pays more attention to health and comfort, the ergonomically designed keyboard provides a more comfortable entry experience with special button arrangements and key cap alignment. However, there are currently fewer keyboard choices, only the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard and the Micho Unicorn keyboard are optional. In summary, the mechanical keyboard is not a must-have for gamers and text workers.

it  is only highly recogniz in the circle of gamers and text workers.

Hunting to cool lights, commentary recommendations and even just pure pursuit of trends and so on.

Lights and trends have even become the dominant factor when most people choose mechanical keyboards.

In addition, the preference for novelty also occupies one aspect. After all, various game explanations and shopping software recommend every day. The Internet is a check for all kinds of gods and gods. The most important thing is that this thing is not expensive, even if it is impulsive.

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20.Tronsmart Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB

After all, they will spend more than dozens of axes and keycaps.

Many professional players will use the macro button when they use the keyboard with macro buttons for sponsor reasons. Kneel down to avoid accidental pressing.  After all, the left-hand area layout of 80% mechanical keyboard is no different from the 104-key keyboard.

The green shaft has a service life of 25 million times, but it is also the most noisy shaft switch.

The trigger pressure is 60g. It is a moderate pressure in the mechanical keyboard, but it needs to press by 2.4mm to trigger. The trigger pressure is slightly longer for the axis and the red axis.

Due to the integrated shaft core design, the Cherry MX tea shaft has a much weaker sense of paragraph. It  give the “mechanical film” ya by the player. This also proves that the contrast between the Cherry MX tea shaft and the membrane keyboard is not too great. Like the green shaft, the Cherry MX tea shaft has a service life of 25 million times.

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21.HyperX Alloy Elite – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

Recognized as the most difficult to conquer the axis of the game, the number of Cherry MX black axis.

The Cherry MX red axis reduces the trigger pressure on the basis of the black axis. The initial trigger pressure is 20g, and the bottom pressure is only 60g. Thanks to its linear design, the Cherry MX Black and Red axes have a lifetime of 50 million cycles.

As for other domestic MX shaft switches, most of them are based on the four Cherry MX shaft switches. More, I will not repeat them here.

Oh, I almost forgot the biggest slot in the article.

The keyboard used in the picture is actually not a mechanical keyboard. It is the Sai Rui APEX film gaming keyboard.

Ok, Tucao is over.

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