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For asus laptop, many people think it is the best budget laptop. But how to choose best laptop is a problem in the fast-growing information age. The design of many brands including Apple laptop is also more and more inseparable from high-end computers. For the example of gaming laptop, I hope you will see more choices. Most of the cheap gaming laptops we see on the Internet today are made up of many special computer accessories. The software is also set up without exception.

Best Laptop

NameRecommendedMore Info
1.New ASUS TUF Gaming Flagship FX705GM 17.3 best gaming laptop5Check Detail
2.Eluktronics N870HK1 Pro Gaming Laptop best budget gaming laptop5Check Detail
3.PROSTAR Clevo N850EP6 15.6” Full HD 144Hz cheap gaming laptop5Check Detail
4.MSI GS65 Stealth THIN-051 15.6" 144Hz 7ms budget gaming laptop4Check Detail
5.SAMSUNG 15.0" 16GB Memory 256 GB SSD gaming laptop deals5Check Detail
6.Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch Retina cheapest gaming laptop5Check Detail
7.GIGABYTE Aero 15X v8-BK4 15" Ultra Slim best laptop for gaming4Check Detail
8.Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition laptop gaming5Check Detail
9.OMEN by HP 17-inch Gaming Laptop w/ 144Hz thin gaming laptop5Check Detail
10.Dell G5587-7866BLK-PUS G5 15 5587 4k gaming laptop5Check Detail

So a hp laptop can be easily used as a job creator or content creator.After testing, we found that laptops with this brand are basically powerful computers on the market. Because they can help me faster and better which finished the work. Of course, the performance of the surface laptop is also not too bad. There is no doubt that wanting a more powerful sex toshiba laptop can also give me endless inspiration and more diverse content presentation.Then you may need to see this article recommended by our testers if your current computer is still using the standard processor of msi gaming laptop.

1.New ASUS TUF Gaming Flagship FX705GM 17.3 best gaming laptop

best business laptops

New ASUS TUF best business laptop
At the beginning we said that ASUS laptops are worth recommending.To say who changed our current life in the best laptops.We strongly want to show you the New ASUS TUF Gaming Flagship FX705GM.This laptop is convenient.We are able to harness the knowledge of ocean and video game paradise.Intel has an absolute say in the FX705GM configuration.

Everyone knows that in the past half a century.Intel has been deeply immersed in the field of computer CPU processors.It has also launched Pentium, Celeron, Centrino, Core, Atom, Xeon and other brands for individuals and businesses.The best gaming keyboard involved also injects powerful performance.Now FX705GM laptop allows us to watch videos on the same computer, listen to songs and play games. The 9th generation processor still doesn’t know when it will load on the best laptops on a large scale.

  • Better than a tablet
  • Touch the exact button
  • High resolution screen
  • Too few accessories

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2.Eluktronics N870HK1 Pro Gaming Laptop best budget gaming laptop

best laptops for video editing

Eluktronics best business laptop
Eluktronics N870HK1 is specially tested for game enthusiasts. Our testers want to say it is best budget gaming laptop.Because many games have done a lot of tests for this laptop product. Players can look at this budget.Compare the purchase of this laptop. In the case of CPU graphics, memory and storage space is almost the same.This notebook has won the dominant position in the market.

When you are thinking about how to buy a gaming laptop that suits you which the N870HK1 product has become very recommended.Today I chose two computers with the same hardware configuration to compare. Shadow Wizard 4 and ASUS TUF tells you how to choose the gaming laptop that is right for you.The hardware combination of the N870HK1 notebook is still very fixed While playing the current large game.This model of notebook is also equipped with the 8th generation standard pressure Core processor and GTX 10 series graphics card is standard configuration.Completely compared Other products of the same level.

  • Great screen design
  • Slim fashion sense
  • Excellent performance
  • The price is not very competitive

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3.PROSTAR Clevo N850EP6 15.6” Full HD 144Hz cheap gaming laptop

best windows laptops

PROSTAR Clevo best business laptop
Compare the models of the N8530HK1 laptop and the ASUS 5410 released by Eluktronics.Both gaming laptops use Intel’s eighth-generation Core processor i7-8750H.This configuration is worthy of praise even in the best gaming pc.In the CPU test I chose CineBench R15 and N850EP6 as a comparison.By comparing the operating points we can see that although the same processor is used.there is a gap in the performance of the notebook.Shadow Elves 4’s CineBench R15 score is 1151cb.The same brand configuration of gaming laptop scores 1030cb.The gap between the two products is 10%.

However,Their advantages are not very obvious after taking out the N850EP6.The gap between the two GTX 1060 is not large in the graphics card test.In the Fire Strike Extreme test using 3DMark which Shadow Elves 4 scored 5382.The same gaming profile score as a brand configuration was 5406.The difference between the two was 0.004%.Neglect is a normal running error.The N850EP6 is the most recommended cheap gaming laptop after several rounds of several different brands of laptops.

  • The game performance is very powerful
  • Great programming
  • Wide range of transportation
  • High frequency noise problem

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4.MSI GS65 Stealth THIN-051 15.6″ 144Hz 7ms budget gaming laptop

best laptops for programming

MSI best business laptop
In terms of hard disk,the two notebooks N856EP6 and N880HK1 combined with 1TB mechanical hard disk and 128GB solid state hard disk.This configuration can meet the running speed requirements while meeting the storage space requirements.When our testers took out the MSI GS65. The two models are not so mainstream. We use CrystalDiskMark to make comparison parameters for SSD.

To test the 4K read speed of the 128GB NVMe SSD for the MSI GS65 and Shadow Wizard 4.the final MSI GS65 laptop showed a write speed of 82.01MB / s for 32.87MB / s.4K.The high-speed gaming laptop read speed is only 20.52MB / s.4K write speed is 56.4MB / s is quite obvious. In the game testing session we chose an independent 3A masterpiece and a shooting online game for testing.They are the origin of Assassin’s Creed and look at the vanguard. In the end,the MSI GS65 laptop won with excellent results and won the title of best budget gaming laptop.

  • High pixel
  • Long battery life
  • Design is very modern
  • Specifications grow as prices increase

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5.SAMSUNG 15.0″ 16GB Memory 256 GB SSD gaming laptop deals

best new laptops

SAMSUNG best business laptop
The first is to look at the classic laptop comparison case like Pioneer.When testing this laptop of SAMSUNG.The screen set to be super high in this model operation online game and the two selected games can be very smooth which stabilized at 80 frames or more. This is a bit easier for the laptop that currently recommended.To reach 144 frames you only need to slightly reduce the image quality or do nothing.

The next step is to use this gaming laptop to play the operating experience of the origin of the indie game Assassin’s Creed.Enthusiasts know that a game single created by Ubisoft’s Montreal studio and co-produced with eight Ubisoft studios.The one we tested was just the sequel to the seventh part of the Assassin’s Creed series.The speed and picture quality of the Assassin’s Creed can make this laptop stand out.Although the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has just started which the origin requirements are equally high.There will no problems that can’t solved as long as you complete this gaming laptop deals and then adjust the image quality to high in the image settings.

  • More affordable laptop
  • Processor worthy of praise
  • Graphical interface adjustable
  • Does the memory consider upgrading?

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6.Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch Retina cheapest gaming laptop

best laptops for gaming

Apple MacBook best business laptop
It’s easy to see the difference between the two laptops by using the last SAMSUNG laptop and playing with the Apple MacBook.Although both vendors are trying to develop a variety of different all-in-one laptops. the previous game in the game is the best laptop.The data that realized when the shadow problem encountered is the maximum frame number is 81 frames.The minimum number of frames can kept at 50 frames or more.

We compare the maximum number of frames of a brand with a configured gaming laptop to 65 frames.The minimum number of frames is 50 frames. Compared with this laptop which has the same configuration as the gaming laptop.the Shadow Elves 4 will not behave more smoothly and will cause excessive jams due to frequent scene switching.For game enthusiasts, the screen is also very important.Apple is a well-known brand in the world.The laptop produced will not bad.It goes without saying that the high refresh rate of the screen naturally leads to it not being a cheapest gaming laptop.

  • Multi-site application
  • Excellent office
  • Excellent battery life
  • Built-in camera is a question worth considering

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7.GIGABYTE Aero 15X v8-BK4 15″ Ultra Slim best laptop for gaming

best small laptops

GIGABYTE Aero best business laptop
Due to the narrow border design of the Shadow Elves 4, naturally, the v8-BK4 notebook which we chose will have the same advantages.This excellent laptop not only increases the player’s immersion when playing the game.The designer further Reduce the overall size of the notebook to increase portability.In contrast,it seen that the size of a notebook such as Shadow Elves 4 is larger than that of a certain brand of gaming laptop.

Take out the v8-BK4 notebook and compare it with the same competitors.The game’s Caton situation is significantly smaller.However, its portability has greatly improved.The best laptop for gaming also reflects the fineness of the backlit keyboard design.One of the partitions of this product is the WASD button.It allows enthusiasts to take action faster which more accurately and in a timely manner in a dark environment.This laptop choice of color also makes the C face look cool and the brand with the same configuration game still uses the full red keyboard backlight.This advantage is commendable!

  • 4K multi-touch display
  • RAM response is really good
  • The price is very close to the people
  • Some people don’t like his weight

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8.Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition laptop gaming

best laptops for photo editing

Huawei MateBook best business laptop
The Shadow Wizard 4 with advantages on the interface has two USB ports on the left and right sides of the body.For such excellent laptop design,Huawei MateBook X has learned a more technical operation.This is too much for the interface design of the laptop.An SD card reader and 3.5mm audio interface.The other interface is the arrang on the back of the fuselage.This laptop also has a network cable interface, USB interface, HDMI interface, DP interface and lightning protection 3 interface.

Of course,it is worth mentioning that the interface is the arrang on the back.The advantage of this design is that it can make the original messy desktop look neat.The e-sportsman designed by the likes of laptops.This computer notebook especially designed for high-speed switching operations of e-sports players.The brand of the configuration game is provided on the left and right sides of the body network port (RJ-45) × 1, Type-C interface × 1. HDMI interface × 1. USB 3.0 interface × 1. USB 2.0 interface × 2 and SD card slot.The comparison found that the DP Shadow interface is less than the Shadow Elves 4. However,the Huawei MateBook X can solve this problem perfectly.Therefore,it connected to the high-resolution screen.More importantly,this laptop has a lightning interface to improve graphics performance through external graphics. possibility.

  • Light and slim
  • Designer is very suitable
  • Perfect processor
  • It will be more perfect if you hurry up

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9.OMEN by HP 17-inch Gaming Laptop w/ 144Hz thin gaming laptop

best affordable gaming laptops

OMEN by HP best business laptop
Cooling is a test for ordinary laptops.E-sports personnel also attach great importance to this parameter of laptops.Because they tend to play very important games when playing large games. Apple MacBook’s design very experienced. But in the game In contrast, HP’s laptop will not be more diligent.Obviously, in the face of large games that HP’s gaming laptop is more in line with current power needs.

Electric competitors are familiar with the game in aesthetics.Therefore,when choosing a gaming laptop which is not only should you choose a beautiful product.but you will also compare it on the hardware.The advantage of the HP laptop is that it will allow players to find endless convenience after a long period of use.The official promotion of the 8th generation Core U system processor has increased by 40% compared with the previous generation.Imagine its concept product body size is almost equal to A4.The paper is the same. So the notebook designed to be very compact and weigh only 1.25 kg.This thin gaming laptop is definitely worth having.

  • Excellent screen configuration
  • Computer material is great
  • Low frequency app is great
  • Relatively small power

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10.Dell G5587-7866BLK-PUS G5 15 5587 4k gaming laptop

best laptops for graphic design

Dell best business laptop
Now we take out the best laptop of the Dell G5587. One for your reference.There are two distinct visible air inlets on the side of this gaming laptopD.The mechanical rotation of the S1 on the screen is very suitable for the various needs of the designer.

However,the comparison of the Dell G5587 does not seem to have many advantages.The performance of the Dell G5587 in playing 3D games is also very good.This is the representative of Dell’s first light and thin laptop that can be fully qualified for Glory.The eight-generation Core Duo processor uses the MX150 discrete graphics card to truly meet a variety of workplaces and entertainment. What will the future look like? I am looking forward to the Intel laptop.Constantly using the processor to change our lives.

  • Design sketches are great
  • Very competitive
  • Lovely color scheme
  • Too few ports

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New notebook set up Windows system

Nowadays, new laptops will be pre-installed with Windows 10 system. Instead of booting the notebook, you can enter the system desktop. We need to complete the Windows system initialization settings. It can be done in Windows 10 desktop with a few simple settings.

1.The first step needs to start from the locale. We set the locale to “your own country” and select “yes”.

2.the keyboard layout can be set according to our habits. If you choose English in English, select “Yes”.

3.At this time, the computer asks if you want to add a second keyboard layout. Just skip it.

4.Next we need to set up the wireless network. With experience, I suggest to skip it first. The reason is that the system will automatically connect to the Microsoft server after the network connection is successful. Because so many people around the world connect to the Microsoft server. Sometimes it will cause subsequent setup slow and card The phenomenon of death. After entering the system, the network connection made.

5.At this time, the notebook asks “Do you want Cortana to be your personal assistant?” This is the assistant setting. We need to use the assistant to click “Yes” directly.

6.Select privacy settings for your settings. We click on “Accept”.

7.registration and protection. Direct next step, the next step.

8.after the initial setup of the above system, we can directly enter the Windows10 desktop. But after we enter the Windows10 desktop, we will find that there is only one recycle icon on the desktop. This computer, network and other icons are not. We need Make display of desktop icon settings.

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